Maia D. (they/them)

Our Culture of Stress Negatively Impacts Health

A feminine-presenting, brown-skinned person in a patterned white shirt with blue flowers and dots, has both hands on either side of their head. Their mouth is open, showing their teeth, and one eye is closed in an expression of distress. They have a nose ring on their left nostril, a silver bracelet on their right wrist, and a black watch on their left wrist. Their black hair is slicked back towards what might be a ponytail.
Photo by Atul Choudhary from Pexels

Have you ever heard a coworker boast about how little sleep they got the night before a big project was due? Or have you experienced a fellow student comparing how much time they spent on an assignment? These instances of martyrdom are common in a culture that encourages superior productivity and its subsequent stress.