Maia D. (they/them)

Conversation with Indigenous Community Leader, Joshua Hunt

Content Warning: Genocide of Indigenous/Native American people

An image of a Native American elder imposed in the middle of an United States flag hangs from the inside of a tent styled in the tradition of an Indigenous tribe, complete with fur pelts, blankets, and a stone bordered fire pit on the earth beneath.

Joshua Hunt always knew he was Indigenous. His mother enrolled both him and his sister, at an early age, in the Southern Cheyenne nation of Oklahoma based in Western Oklahoma. Despite this, his family didn’t actively connect or participate in what it meant…

Content Warning: Indigenous Genocide, Cultural Genocide, Anti-Native Racism, Cultural and Historical Trauma

Many of us gathered with loved ones this week to celebrate an uniquely American holiday. Thanksgiving, for some of us, is a time to practice gratitude, share food, and create community with those we hold dear. …

Self-care Isn’t Selfish. Content Warning: Brief Mention of Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Ideation

A feminine presenting person with Asian features is sitting in bed, wearing pajamas, and posing with a piece of popcorn in their mouth. Their arm is outstretched as if taking a selfie. The bed covers below their waist has pieces of popcorn overflowing from a white bowl.

“Self-Care” is a popular buzzword floating around the internet, TV, and even in our social circles. But what does this actually mean? It seems simple. “Self-Care” should mean caring for yourself. Though, all the things that might qualify as “self-care” make up an infinitely long list.

How can we begin…

Content Warning: Suicide, Suicide Attempts, Suicidal Thoughts, Severe Mental Illness, Race, Gender Identity, Sexuality, Age, Income, Incarceration, Mention of Sexual Assault

A person in a blue hospital gown sits with a dazed, distant look and their hands crossed on one bent knee.

September is National Suicide Prevention Month in the United States, and it’s easy to see why an entire month is dedicated to the issue. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 130 people die from suicide every day in this country. …

Maia D. (they/them)

Creator, Convivial Culture | Professional Dabbler | Disability Justice + Mental Health Activist | "Artist" | RPG Novice | M.A. Bioethics | Cleveland, OH

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